Prevent mould with HealthyHomes smart sensors

Monitor temperature and relative humidity and receive an alert when they approach mould-forming levels.

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Mould Alert Smart Sensors

Our HealthyHomes Smart Sensors provide an unobtrusive, easy-to-install way to keep an eye on mould-prone properties. The device monitors temperature and relative humidity in your property, and send an alert whenever conditions encourage mould growth.

High humidity plus low temperature leads to mould formation alerting the smart sensor to send a text

Small. Smart. Simple.

Monitor Mould Remotely

Monitor mould with the HealthyHomes Smart Sensor. Packed with award-winning technology, it helps you monitor mould in your property 24/7.

Quick installation
No maintenance*

* Battery lasts approx. 2 years.

No WiFi necessary
No app to install

Intelligent Alerts

When a HealthyHomes smart sensor detects mould-promoting conditions (low temperatures and high relative humidity), it sends an alert until conditions return to normal.

No app, no spam.

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Compact. Clever.

Fit. Forget.

Winner of the IoT Social Impact Award, 2022

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Mould sensor powered by ZapCarbon

16,000+ sensors installed

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