How healthy is your building?

Healthy Homes assessments identify potential problems and issues.

The HealthyHomes assessment programme offers a standardised way to comprehensively assess properties and identify high-risk residents.

HealthyHomes assessments highlight areas where property repairs or remediations are needed to prevent failings of air quality, excessively high or low temperatures, or excess humidity.

Recommendations are given for practical action and treatment needed to tackle the problems, and to increase SAP points for the property.

HealthyHome Assessments

Properties that pass the assessment receive a Home Health Performance Certificate, denoting their fitness for occupancy.

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Two people, one explaining home data capture to the other
Healthy Homes assessments identify potential problems and issues.

Certified assessments completed in the home, combined with the installation of the mould alert smart sensor.

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Hands wearing yellow protective gloves, cleaning a tiled wall with spray and a sponge

Clean and Shield (CAS) uses a patented antimicrobial agent that shields the home from mould.

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A white smart sensor shown with its fixing bracket

Our mould alert smart sensors provide 24/7 data feed on temperature and humidity in a property.