Make your property energy-efficient, mould-free and safe to live in

HealthyHomes works in partnership with Housing Associations and Landlords.

What we do

Assess your property’s health

The HealthyHomes assessment offers a standardised way to comprehensively assess your property and identify potential problems and issues.

Healthy Homes assessments identify potential problems and issues.

Remove mould in your property

Clean and Shield uses a patented antimicrobial agent that removes and helps to protect your property from mould.

Protect your property

The mould-alert smart sensor is an easy-to-install, award-winning device developed to help monitor mould in your property remotely.

The HealthyHomes programme has helped to keep thousands of properties mould free.


Homes Assessed

Certified assessment combined with mould sensor installation.

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Surfaces Treated

Mould cleaning combined with anti-mould treatment.

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Sensors Installed

24/7 data feed on temperature and relative humidity.

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